• Going alone the road to Hagik-dong, you can see Incheon dohobu cheongsa, the old traditional type of buildings built in Chosun dynasty, on your right. Right next to this landmark, you can also see the 4 story-building which is the shelter of Theatre Dolce.

    Here you can feel the delight, the sorrow, and the pain that have been passed on through the theatricals of Incheon City.They remodeled the ice storages into the theatre "DOLCE" in 1979, and started performances there from then on. In 1983, Choi, Kyou Ho and Park, Sang Sook took over the dramatic company, changing the name of theatre into 'the Mime Group and the Theater DOLCE' The 'DOLCE' has been playing an important role in all theatrical movements in Incheon City.In 1980s, Choi Young Jun, one of the most famous entertainers in Korea, had the career as an actor in 'DOLCE'. So did deceased Mr. Kim Sung Chan. In 1990s, Jo Mun Ui, Park Jung Hak also had the career as an actor here.As you can see, the "DOLCE" has been a major 'home' to many people, cultivating so many actor and actresses so far.

    Choi, Kyou Ho, the representative of "the Mime Group" began his career as an actor simply due to the mime play he happened to see about twenty years ago.
    He took the every pain to achieve the progress in mime in Korea.
    For instance, he tried to make the people know what the mime was because they were absolutely ignorant of it. And also he developed it into the unique way by adding the korean.
    The DOLCE will be a mother to offer shelter, hope and a bright future for them.
    Thank you.